Psychoanalysis therapy

What is a psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is based on analytical psychotherapy. Its object is to investigate the psychic life of the unconscious. It is a talk therapy that promotes free association in order to promote the emergence of manifestations of the unconscious, conflicts, resistances.

It is is a very comprehensive and specific form of psychological therapy that uses psychological techniques to gain insight into a person’s relationship with their own psyche. In a few words, it works by slowly encouraging a person to explore their traumatic memories and relate them back to their life, and to their own past psychological disturbances.
This could include stories from life-threatening experiences, such as abuse or experiences of trauma, but it is not limited to this. Through a number of psychological techniques the patient is able to critically examine their own attitudes and beliefs, and then work out why they have them.

The role of the therapist

The therapist aims at helping the patient to critically evaluate their personal beliefs, and also construct new, more positive thoughts. This is crucial for the therapist to help the patient to move beyond his or her issues and go on to live a better and more fulfilling life.

If you are experiencing problems in your relationship or your everyday life, and feeling that you can not identify the root of your issues, it may be worth visiting a psychotherapist to seek help in unraveling the cause of the problems.

In a secure environment, the therapist accompanies you in order to become aware of what is around you, what causes suffering and sometimes prevents you from moving forward.

Psychoanalysis is about…


gain insight into a person’s relationship with their own psyche


Help build positive thoughts and erase the negative ones

Moving forward

Helping the patient to move forward

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