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Therapist in your language, for your particular issue.  

My International Therapy focuses on providing a service as relevant as possible to the patient. Our team of therapist will be growing as the demand for specific therapies will grow. 

Each of our therapists are state-certified therapists and have specific domains of expertise. All of them offer Behavioral and Cognitive therapies, which focuses on all 3 dimensions in humans: their thoughts, emotions and the behaviors that result from them. It is a dynamic approach, where the patient and the therapist get to work together, in a direct exchange punctuated by diagrams, exercises and practical questionnaires as well as tasks to be performed between sessions. These come under a specific and rigorous scientific protocol. 

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Our Therapists

Dipl. -Psych. Ingrid Paris

Clinical psychologist, psychodynamic therapies, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, ACT, Parenting and emotional regulation domain

Dipl. -Psych. Karla Bernat

Dipl. -Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, EMDR therapies, Mindfullness and meditation. Founder of My International Therapy and Centre Pensées

Dr Dipl. -Psych. Sarah Fitzroy

PhD Clinical psychologist, NHS and private background
Experience in treating traumas, works with CBT, ACT, PBS, mindfulness. EMDR trained therapist

Areas of Expertise

Couples therapies / couple counseling

We offer therapies and counseling for couples in Berlin at My International Therapy

EMDR Therapies

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is a scientifically working technique aiming at healing from traumas and painful events.


Individual as well as kids and family therapies are offeres at My International Therapy

CBT – Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies

Focused on putting the patient at the center of the therapeutical process, these therapies are scientifically valid. 

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