Couples therapy in Berlin

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Couples counseling and therapy in Berlin

Learning to communicate again
with each other

Couples do encounter problems. All of them. After a couple of years, disputes, arguments, downward spirals can take effect and negatively affect one’s belief in the other. It can harm the couple with lasting effects. The couples therapy at My International Therapy aims at reducing the painful schemes that settle in the couple’s life. 

Within the safe and neutral space of the therapist’s office, the feelings and emotions tend to be released with more ease and confidence. A deep emotional work aims at bringing back confidence and the trust each one needs.

The couples therapist serves the goals of the couple without playing the role of arbiter or judge.

Couple counseling and therapy in Berlin

How a couple therapy / couple counseling goes

The first meeting is dedicated to learning about each individual and the way each of the partner sees himselef / herself in the couple. The first couple therapy usually starts with questions about the relationship and each of the parties’ family as well as cultural backgrounds.

Within the safe and neutral space of the couple therapist’s practice, the trained therapist will aim at

  • Identifying the recurring painful schemes
  • Pinpoitning the downward interacting cycles in the couple
  • Exploring each the partners’ emotions
  • Accompanying the partners to expose his / her feelings to the other

It is essential the the couple establishes a trust relationship with the therapist in order to be able to move forward within the counseling. 

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Couple Therapy is about…

Appeasing the conflicts

Talking again to each other in a safe and neutral environment.

Identifying the painful schemes

Find out where the main tensions come from and face them

Unveiling the emotions 

Daring to expose one’s vulnerabilities to the other 

Triggering a virtuous circle

Giving space to positivity and looking forward

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