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Balance and empowerment in daily life is what we all strive for. My own path of finding the right answers was through sophrology, a self-development practice based on combining breath, light movement, and visualisation in order to help create the ultimate harmony between mind and body. Throughout my career as yoga teacher, meditation instructor, and sophrologist, I successfully assist my clients deal with stress-management, anxiety, burn-out, insomnia, letting go of negativity, overcome pains, phobias and addictions, build confidence and self-esteem and, above all, cultivate a positive mindset.

I provide a brief tailor-made therapy, in average three months, using a holistic method to help you train to become conscious of your breathing, body, and mind thus becomig the main actor of your life. In a friendly and relaxed manner we will also be tackling moments in your life connected to personal issues in order to assist you in creating a mental distance from the outside or inner pressures you have been struggling with prior to joining my sessions. Ultimately, our journey evolves around finding the tools within yourself, because my method can be easily repeated at a leasure time outside of our sessions.



Sophrology is a self-development practice based on easy-to-do relaxation, controlled breathing, gentle movement, guided meditation and positive visualisation exercises.

The name derives from ancient Greek, and it means the study of the harmonious consciousness. It uniquely combines Eastern wisdom (deriving from yoga, meditation, zen movement) with Western psychotherapy and modern-day stress-management techniques in the treatment of anxiety disorders. It works as a transformative health and wellbeing philosophy consisting of a series of simple physical and mental exercises that, when practiced regularly, lead to a healthy, relaxed body and a calm, alert mind. Whether you are suffering from a childhood trauma, performance track, stress at work, tensions in your relationships or nutritional problems – to name a few – our collaboration will empower you to create the mental balance required to embrace life to the fullest.


My entire career path has evolved around working with people: educating children in schools and supporting professionnals with their linguistic and communication competences, teaching yoga and meditation and host wellbeing retreats.

I am a trained sophrologist from Ecole française Supérieure de Sophrologie in Paris with an academic degree in Education from Montreal, Canada, years of professional experience working in Montreal, London, Paris and Berlin. I have practiced in both public and private sectors, completed a Yoga Alliance certified training in Mysore, India, and taught yoga and meditation in yoga centres located in Portugal, Spain and Croatia. Now with 20 years of mentorship experience in various multicultural settings, and as a mother of two boys, who fully understands the complexities of expat lifestyle, I dedicate my work towards inspiring people to live a fulfilled, balanced, and truthful life.

Mariana also offers Online Therapies for expats 

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