Systemic Family Therapy

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What is systemic family therapy?

The goal of this therapy is to promote and improve exchanges within the family.

It allows them to face a situation of tension or crisis, to allow the individual development of each member and to find new positioning and balance. Together, we find solutions to evolve towards a more flexible operation.

The systemic family therapy aims at restoring a peaceful and beneficial environment for all the members: parents, teens and kids. Thanks to a therapeutical process focusing on the patients, this particular therapy aims at  understanding the vocal and emotional interactions in between the group members.  

This therapy is particularly realistic and effective because it observes and analyses the member’s reactions to one another, in the present. 

our sessions take all members of the family into consideration. Solutions are oriented by the therapist but remain found by all members and for all members.

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Systemic Family Therapy is about…

Observing family member’s reactions 

Family member’s vocal and emotional reactions are observed in the prensent moment

Balancing the multiple schemes

Different schemes and solutions are weighted all together

Restoring a peaceful environment

Considering every member’s need and focuses. 

Triggering a virtuous circle

Giving space to positivity and learning to live with one another

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