Mindfulness Meditation Workshops


6 week mindfulness meditation group

Sarah Fitzroy will have the pleaseure to welcome you during the summer for 6 sessions and 1 morning of a mindful meditation and Sophrologie retreat. Each session is 1.5 hours on a Saturday. Please check the events / workshops calendar for the details

Week 1: introduction – Saturday 16th July at 11am 

 Provide ground rules, e.g. confidentiality, being on time, respecting others, etc

Definition of mindfulness and science behind mindfulness

Describing awareness and being on autopilot – use 3 rings model (awareness of direct experience, thoughts about experience, thoughts about other time and places)

Body scan introduction, mindful eating, join the dots exercise

mindful breathing:

Difference between doing and being modes

Introduce breathing and focus 

Introduce interpreting mind 

Homework: body scan, mindful breathing 10 mins, pleasant events diary, routine activity


Week 2: gathering the scattered mind – Saturday 23rd July at 11am

Explain why mind scattering happens and why we problem solve

Breath as anchor practice

Mindful movement and walking 

Noticing emotional discomfort 

3 step breathing exercise, being aware, gathering and expanding 

Homework: mindful movement on 3 days, body scan on 3 days, 10 min mindful breathing, 3 step breathing in stressful events, unpleasant events each day


Week 3: recognizing reactions – Saturday 30th July at 11am

Explain 1st and 2nd level stressors (stress and response to stress)

Learning to respond and not react 

Stress reaction cycle 

3 step breathing Intro to seated meditation

Homework: 3 days mindful movement, 3 days sitting meditation, 3 step breathing, noticing stress,stress reactions, review of progress


boy leaning back on tree
woman in white vest and black bikini with hand on chest
body of water on beach shore
person standing in front of green plants

Week 4: acceptance – Saturday 6th August 

Explain concept of pain and resistance which leads to suffering

Working with emotions and thoughts 

What happens in mindful practice 

Interrupt stress reaction cycle 

Homework: sitting meditation 6 days, 3 step breathing, stressful communications calendar to record and reflect experience


Saturday 13th August – mindful sophrologie morning with Ludivine (tbc) – I will be on holiday this week


Week 5: thoughts are not facts – Saturday 20th August at 11am

Explain thoughts are mental events not facts 

Notice thinking patterns 

Explain mindful communication

ACT thought defusion, e.g, leaves on a stream

Homework: 45 mins for 6 days of body scan, mindful movement, sitting meditation,3 step breathing, notice thoughts and thinking patterns


Week 6: self-care and finishing group – Saturday 27th August at 11am

Bring awareness and action to difficult times 

Select self care activities that are nurturing and enjoyable 

Select achievement and mastery activities 


maintaining learning:

Serenity prayer 

Daily meditation practice 

Review of all mindful practices 

Plan for the future 

Final reflection and reviews 

How to book individual sophrologie sessions,

Mindful reading and resources 

Find out more about the upcoming workshops and group meetings on our workshop page 

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