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Why would my child need a therapy?

Children and young people can face many mental health challenges nowadays ranging from low self-esteem, anxiety and low mood. This can become especially pronounced during adolescence when there is an increasing need to fit in with the peer group and additional academic pressure to succeed. Further, the need for external validation via social media can impact upon self-esteem. Children and young people with neurodevelopmental conditions such as Autism and ADHD may face additional social, emotional and behavioural challenges. The  COVID-19 pandemic many children and young people may have also become disconnected from their peer groups and social anxiety may have increased.  

What kind of therapy is suitable for children?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can provide a psychological framework in which to make sense of challenges, whilst also considering protective factors and strengths. In CBT, we explore how thoughts are connected to behaviors and emotions. The aim of CBT is to challenge any unhelpful thinking patterns whilst promoting positive behaviors and providing emotional regulation strategies. CBT can help to facilitate alternative ways of thinking which can improve mood, well-being and self-esteem.  The CBT approach can be adapted to offer a person centered fit for the needs of the child or young person.  Helping a child or young person to achieve a positive look early in life can also be protective for mental health later in adulthood.

Dominique is our therapist dedicated to helping children in Berlin 

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