Mindfullness Meditation

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Mindfullness meditation and therapy in Berlin

What is mindfullness meditation?

Mindfulness is a rediscovery by science (neuroscience) of ancestral cultural resources from Buddhism and illustrates a creative encounter between tradition and modernity.

Mindfulness is a natural state of consciousness that we can learn to develop particularly through meditation exercises that require focusing intentionally on the present moment without judgment on the experience that unfolds moment by moment as defined by Jon Kabat. -Zinn in 2003.

Mindfulness refers to vigilant awareness as opposed to the state of awareness on autopilot, without awareness as when we are driving, cooking etc.

Mindfullness meditation is about…

Natural consciousness

Attain a natural state of consciousness

Maintaining the psychic health

improvement of certain mental capacities.

Reduces psychological disorders

anxiety states (anxiety, stress), Chronic depressed mood, Sleep disturbances

Improved regulation of emotions.

Through practice

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